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Chairman’s Message

Ignorance is the Curse of God and education is a wing through which one can fly to heaven. Said GB Shaw. Educational backwardness more particularly amongst the minorities is a major issue of debate, discussion and accusation. Instead of blaming others and pointing out, out lapses on the part of other agencies. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore  it is better to  light candle than to curse the darkness. It is with this motive that fajandar Education Trust is founded.

To give professional, higher education to minority young with multipurpose of Excellence, quality, and merits is our motto. Development of a patriotic, secular citizen who understands the cultural and social background of our country is our goal. 

    We cannot of course, achieve all we desire without the blessing of the god. Almighty along with the active support of our parents. We hope that my almighty will always guide and inspire us to achieve great height of excellence and the parents will take more responsibility and be involved for co-operation for better discipline, quality and progress of the school.

       FAJANDAR HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE AND FAJANDAR ENGLISH SCHOOL founded way back to provide holistic education with Indian orientation. Continuous for suits of excellence has been the foundation stone of our school work culture. It is our responsive strategy carefully drawn out plans, total commitments and dedication that has helped our Institute to attend unhampered growth, meritorious success and recognition as one of the best education institution in KOKAN REGION.

       FAJANDAR EDUCATION TRUST has been at the fore front of imparting quality education through its institutes for the last 70 years. Today through our institutes we cater to the educational needs of thousands of deserving candidates with academic program from Kindergarten to higher secondary level and letter to Graduate Level through Study Centre of Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad and Soon with FAJANDAR WOMENS DEGREE COLLEGE. The trust is driven by its vision of developing world class institute for the Holistic development of individuals so that they can be leader of the future.

       Our Institute aim is to provide the best for all the young people of varied ability encouraging them to achieve standard of excellence in all squares of activities from academic to sports and athletics to practical.

       To enhance the creative talent of our children, FAJANDAR EDUCATION hub, has been consistently working in the direction of  nurturing the innate talent and giving opportunity to every child to pursue excellence in both academic and development areas.

       Children are our hope and dream. They need motivation in developing and learning the useful skills from both at school and at home to emerge as winners. As Nelson Mandela rightly said” education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It has brought about phenomenal changes in every aspect of men’s life. Education develops the greatest abilities and the youth of today’s need motivation to accept the new challenges and to have a vision for their self development.

         Parents and teachers together will be able to support the students for learning effectively, strengthening their social and emotional skills and improving their confidence. We ensure that children are given right knowledge to face future challenges and also provide an environment where work; Sports and co curricular activities mould our students to bring out the best in them.

        The trust aims to establish a degree college. This object is difficult as it require huge infrastructure and financial assistance as well as the licensing from the government. But we are hopeful that it can be accomplished by the grace of Allah.

        For fulfilling all the objectives of the institute both parents and students Corporation is necessary. Hope you all parents students will support to the institute for achieving its goals and objectives.

- Abdul Rauf fajandar

Award Fuction

Award Winning Function in Fajandar Education Trust for Best Teacher Award on 2021

Admin’s Message

We are proud to state that our institutions is a living example of communal harmony and secularism since students as well as teachers of different community work together as one. Our institution of famous for discipline and democratic manner of its functioning.

In fact it is only possible due to cooperation and staff members and same time would not have been so sound ifthe parents could not have health progressof the school.

I express my sincere thanks to one and all for the same. ialso extentmy hearty thanks to all well wishers to prayfor Almighty allah to grant usa spiritto work earnestly for welfare and betterment ofthe people.

– Al- Haj Gulam Mohammed Patel

Principal’s Message

First of all I would like to welcome you all to a new and fresh Academic year. I congratulate to for passing and scoring high percentage in the S.S.C. examination. A great educationist once said “Education is something which remains with a person after he has gotten everything he has learnt ” These observation properly emphasize the sole purpose and objective of real educative process. we honestly believe that education must bring about total development of human being and must decided achieving intellectual development to ensure the cultural & enhancement moral refinement and a deep  realisation of humanitarian value a possible adherence to patriotic favour.besides maintaining a competence  enthusiastic staff around in modern cultivated classroom, techniques which health the student maintaining intellectual standard. We attempt to ensure the student our education campus after completing their education at the H.S.C. level are competent enough.to meetthe challenges of any physical or intellectual needs of the day.

– Fajandar Raheel Shamsuddin

About Us

An educational trust was setup which got government recognition in 1960 namely Fajandar education trust. The school grew in strength and reputation so much that a residential hostel had to be built for boys coming from far places such as Ratnagiri, Kalyan and Mumbai, where there were 150 boarders with subsidised expense. The school has been producing students who have become engineers, doctors, civil servant, advocated, barristers, teachers and politicians, etc. The strength of the school has reached 1000 al thought the minority population of the Vahoor village is 1500 in the last census, the school was strengthen further by starting higher secondary section, and because of this thousands of students are benefitted and join in different part of administration, social welfare institutions and government department. They are serving the nation as well as community of the people.


Our institutions has produced politicians like Maharashtra’s first Muslim chief minister and central government health minister, honourable A.R. Antulay Saheb servers the people of India. Doctor Abdul Razzaq Rumane, a scientist in quality management in construction who was one of the five hundred scientists of the world awarded in U.S. there are doctors practicing abroad in U.K., U.S., and Gulf. They are serving in reputed hospitals in Mumbai, like Saifee hospital, Hiranandani hospital and Mumbai hospital. Our institution produces scientist like doctor Abdul Wajid N.A. Wahid, a research scholar in Xoma(U.S.) of Torrento and serving the people of the world. Mr. Hanif Purkar, a gold medallist of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar technological University, Lonere is a product of this institution.


We’re proud of these students who topped as well serving the nation. Our S.S.C. and H.S.C. results are always above 90-98%. The institute has big role in producing quality students in the remote area. We have good buildings, laboratories and sports ground. We have constructed an assembly hall which is to be refurbished in near future. We run a study centre of Maulana Azad university of Hyderabad in _____________ by the efforts of ex-principal Mr. N.A. Wahid, whose students are spread in the whole world remembering him. Many couples, elders who dreamt higher education and could not achieve because of poor financing situations gets the degree by passing the degree course.


The said study centre has a strength of 600 students from B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc. to M.Phil. and Ph.D. These married woman and working people get the admissions and completes their half way study which was topped due to financial crisis of their family. The trust has started a branch in every remote area, a village at the bottom of hill of Poladpur at Wave. We have English medium schools last year to compete educational competition in near future. We have got the Adarsh school award of government of Maharashtra. We further propose for a degree college of Mumbai university and M.B.A. degree courses as well short termed courses to be tied up from the foreign universities which will make out students of these remote backward area, a top most and upcoming in the field of education.


Our student should compete the student of the metro city where everything is facilitated. We have national cadet course and many students are trained for security and discipline. Our students achieve prizes in sports and reach up to state level sports competition. Our enthusiastic chairman Abdulrauf Fajandar has taken charge of educational upliftment and struggling hard to lift the quality of education, good discipline and many more educational courses to start and give the opportunity to go further and progress and improve in educational qualities.


This little star of education, which enlighten the educational facilities assure the people of the area to provide super qualities and good success in the educational fields. We have a bilateral planning regarding progress of our students so that they could progress in every sphere of life in the future.The students of this institution are in the world spread over.

our students to be ready

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our students for the future

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our alumni

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